Types of pollution ,Pollution control & How to protect

Types of pollution

Types of pollution

The Pollution is of various types, and It needs different type of pollution control
1 Air Pollution. (It needs  air pollution control )
2 Water Pollution. (It needs water pollution control )
3 Noise Pollution (It needs noise pollution control )
4 Environmental Pollution (It needs environmental pollution control )
5 Soil Pollution (It needs soil pollution control )
6 Gaseous Pollution (It needs gaseous pollution control )

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1. Air Pollution and air pollution control

1. Air Pollution and air pollution control
Impurities are mixed into the earth atmosphere or near the earth surface. Impurities include natural or artificial gases, as well as other particles.
Lower atmosphere called as tropospherecleanses these air pollutants. Rainfall also help to remove these impurities.
But rainfall converts into acid raindue to some pollutants like sulfates, nitrates etc. which can damage ourenvironment also the pollutants which mix in the upper atmosphere can causedamage to the ozone layer.
Naturalcontamination agents are salts & particular dust & gases.
ArtificialContamination agents are smoke & industrial gases, municipal waste,household waste . Automobile emissions , aircraft emission & rocket jet combustion.
Certain gases likefluorocarbon compounds used in spray cans affect the ozone layer in thestratosphere.
Also there aretrace gases & metals emitted in industrial operations.
Effects of air pollution
Air pollution affects health, damages agriculture, changes climate .
The pollutionproblems started becoming serious with the beginning of industrial revolution after the burning fuel like coal & oil began. Theaddition of motor vehicles added to the seriousness of the problem. These causedsome serious air pollution accidents in the Meuse valley in Belgium, in1948 Donora, Pennsylvania & in 1952 in London. These resulted in the deathof several persons
Different types of Air pollutioncan be specified in the following.
Gaseous -Carbon monoxide particulate smoke, pesticides, Aerosol sprays..
Inorganic - Hydrogen fluoride.
Organic - mercaptans.
Oxidizingsubstances - Ozone.
Reducingsubstances - Oxides of sulfur.
Radioactive substance-
Inertsubstance - Pollen or fly ash.
ThermalPollution - Heat from Nuclear Power Plants
Indoor air Pollution -Radon gas from soils & structure. Also
household chemicals in indoor air.
The toxic gas released into the air due to accident can be disastrous. The gases released Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984 , Killed 2000 People, in industrial Accident.
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Sewage Disposal

Sewage disposal

Sewage pollution in the drains

The concluding return of used water to the environment. Disposal points distribute the exhausted water either to aquatic bodies this type of as oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, or lagoons or to land by absorption systems, ground-water recharge, and irrigation. Waste waters must be mixed, diluted, and absorbed so that getting environments retain such a beneficial use, be it for drinking, bathing, recreation,  aquaculture, silviculture, irrigation, groundwater recharge, or industry.

 Waste water is treated to remove contaminants or pollutants that influence water superiority and use. Discharge to the surroundings should be accomplished without transmitting diseases, endangering aquatic organisms, impairing the soil, or causing unsightly or malodorous conditions. The type and degree of treatment are dependent upon the absorption capability or dilution capacity at the rank of ultimate disposal.

Steps to curb co2 emmissions

Efforts to help the world curb co2 emmissions 
 can start from the kitchen and the living room. Here’s what you can do
Remove incandescent light bulb Use CFL
· Replace a regular incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb (cfl). CFLs use 60% less energy than a regular bulb. This not only reduces pollution, it also saves electricity as wll as money spent on power. This simple switch will save about 140kg of carbon dioxide a year.
Clean your AC Filters every month
· Clean or replace filters of your air conditioner. A monthly step not only gives more effective air conditioning ,but also cleaning a dirty air filter can save 150kg of carbon dioxide a year
The energy-efficient products
· When making new purchases of electrical gadgets, Choose energy efficient appliances. Look for the Energy Star label on new appliances to choose the most energy-efficient products available.
Switch off appliances when not in use
Do not leave appliances on standby when not in use, Use “on/off” function on the appliance. A Television switched on for 3 hours a day . It uses about 40% of its energy in standby modes. Similarly Electric Kettle and computer also consume energy in the standby mode,
Ramp up fridges and freezers
Always regularly defrost fridges and freezers, if they are old. New model of fridges and freezers are energy efficient. It is better is to replace them with newer models. These are easier to maintain.
Cover pots while cooking
Cover your pots while cooking, doing so can help save a lot thee energy needed for preparing the dish. This step not only save energy,it also helps to save vitamins and minerals. Even better are pressure cookers and steamers: they can save around 70 per cent .
Use Washing machine
Use the washing machine only when they are full. If you need to use it when it is half full, and then use the half-load setting. Nowadays, detergents are so efficient that they get you clothes clean at low temperatures.
Install Solar Heater
Install solar heater on the roof top for heating water and running air coolers. This can replace the power supply. The solar heater installed one will save for a long time to come.
Install air coolers
Air coolers are more effective than air conditions in the absence of rains. They save 75 % electricity power and cool much larger area. I spent Rs 1800 against 7500 last year.

Urban pollution increases blood pressure

According to a new study People  living  in cities with higher levels of particle air pollution tend to have higher blood pressure . 5000 people tested by Researchers at the University of Duisburg- Essen, Germany, were found to have long-term exposure to air pollution increased blood pressure, even when other key factors were considered.
Air pollution does not only trigger life threatening events like heart attacks and strokes, but that it may also influence the underlying processes, which lead to chronic cardiovascular diseases according  to Dr Barbara Hoffman.

Air & Noise Pollution due to Very heavy highway Traffic

  This video was shot at SWARGHAT on the way to Manali In Himachal Pradesh. The Place is full Of Air & Noise Pollution due to Very heavy highway Traffic at all times. Automobiles emission of all types of vehicles are causing this pollution. Steps must be taken to stop pollution

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Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution
The process of obtaining an acceptable noise environment is called Noise control .
The increase in noise level due to Industrial development and many other human actions is called noise pollution.
Different countries passed legislation and started creating regulations to control noise pollution.
Noise pollution affects the operators of machines and vehicles. It also affects occupants of buildings in which machines are installed.
Sound is a three-dimensional wave motion in the atmosphere. The acoustic waves travel from the source with a speed independent of their amplitude . This speed is dependent on the acoustic medium. The speed of sound c is 1117 ft/s (343 m/s)
Noise Sources
Aircraft noise
The main sources of noise are
1) Surface transportation noise,
2) Aircraft noise,
3) Industrial noise,
4) Noise in the community from industrial and construction sites,
5) At home.
Surface transportation noise
Sources of this noise:
1)road traffic,
3)off-road vehicles,
Aircraft noise It occurs only around major airport. It is local and more easily identifiable, it seems to receive more attention. Most of the noise is produced by scheduled airlines; Large number of light aircraft produce less noise.
In Delhi, capital of India, Residents of Vasant Vihar colony are agitating against the Noise Aircrafts at Delhi Airports. Traffic and aircraft noise which are very annoying problem, 
Industrial noise
Industrial noise is a widespread in the industrial cities. Exposure to industrial noise can cause permanent hearing damage.

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Uncovered Bins full of garbage polluting the air

Uncovered Garbage Bins full of garbage polluting the air

The Garbage open Bin polluting Air

Plastic packing material thrown by nearby automobile shops

THE plastic material collected for reprocessing

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Pollution by automobile Drivers--

Pollution by automobile Drivers-- throwing Garbage at every corner of city Roads are adding to pollution in the city.

 Many People driving latest models of Cars throw garbage at every corner of city Roads

Roads are adding to pollution in the city.

Pollution due to garbage thrown by moving cars , on the Road near Old fort

Drivers of car are not worried about the cleanliness of their city
Drivers of car are not worried about the cleanliness of their city

A Notice saying -Do not throw Garbage near chamba in Himachal pradesh.

Pollution due to Garbage at tourist Place Video

Pollution due to Garbage  at tourist Place Video was shot near the tourist Spot near Khajiar. This place is called as Switzerland of India. But the most shameful part is the people are throwing garbage all over.
Pollution due to Garbage  at tourist Place Video from Lalit Khungar on Vimeo.

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Noise Pollution Video

Noise Pollution :Trucks on the Road are not only causing Air Pollution, But they are also creating Producing Noise pollution in the area.
Noise Pollution from Lalit Khungar on Vimeo.

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How to Protect

How to protect during climate change

How to protect during climate change, and effects of polluted environments.
1 .Avoid high risk weather condition and climate change as hot after noon or cold winter day
2 Stay away from polluted roads and intersections.
3. Do not exert yourself at polluted places. Fast breathing takes more pollution inside the body.
4 Avoid polluted areas and localities.
5. Do not burn leaves and garbage in your area.
6 Do not travel in sunshine, as ozone level goes up.,
7 Take a walk only in morning & evening.
8 Do not drink water full of contamination and pollutants.

Pollution due to Mindless burning of leaves

Air Pollution due to burning of leaves
Air Pollution due to burning of leaves

Air pollution due to fire in the garbage

Air pollution due to fire in the collected Garbage , by a burning cigarette,
Air pollution due to fire in the collected Garbage , by a burning cigarette,

Notice Do not Pollute Drinking Water

 This notice is posted outside a school :
Do Not Pollute Drinking Water. 
Keep the Sources Covered

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What is Water Pollution

If any organic & inorganic material is added to the natural water, & its becomes unusable, it is called polluted water.
   The industrial & agricultural activities of the human being are increasing with the increase of the human population.  The problem of water pollution control is going up with this increase in population.
     As industries developed, the polluted discharges & wastes started adding to the discharges of the city waste waters.
     This out going polluted water at higher places becomes incoming polluted water at the lower lying areas.  When the concentration of added polluting substances becomes dangerous to the living species, the need of water pollution control begins.  When this polluted water starts seeping in the water supply incoming sources in the cities the serious epidemics of water borne diseases such as cholera, dysentery & typhoid fever start. To avoid these polluted areas, modern public health system started.  Highly efficient & well controlled plants are installed to purify the water supplied to the population.

Air Pollution on the Highway due to Smoke from automobiles

Pollution due to automobiles
Pollution due to automobiles

Air Pollution on the Highway due to Smoke from Factories

Pollution on the Highways
Pollution on the Highways

Air Pollution in an Industrial Town

Air Pollution due to smoke from the factories

Air Pollution due to smoke  from the factories


The Times of India ,most popular newspaper of India, dated carried the head lines
It as causing haze, Posing danger to health.

Very Important Information

The Delhi Government has banned the use of Polythene Bags in Delhi. This will help the sewage to stop choking

Sewage Pollution in a Important Colony

The drains are choked all over the city

Sewage Pollution

The water after being used  is called sewage. This waste water carries waste in either solution or suspends form.
The waste water can be from
1. Sanitary
2. Commercial
3. Industrial
4. Surface
Domestic or sanitary Sewage.
It is used water from residences, institutions or Hotels, Hostels etc.
It may carry body waste, waste food, laundry waste & any other waste product due to normal living activity.
Commercial Wastes : The liquid waste from the shops stores, malls service establishments is called commercial waste.
Industrial Waste : It is waste water coming from industrial process or manufacturing activity of good.
Surface Water is the overflow from storm water directed towards a particular channel. This water may absorb gases from atmosphere material from ground including soil or vegetation.
Effects of Sewage Pollution
  1. This water may carry pathogenic organisms that can transmit disease to human.
  2. This may carry organic material which can cause bad small & odor.
  3. This may contain toxic & hazardous material
This Sewage water is Carried in a series of buried pipes of a sanitary Sewage Consists of proper inlets, manholes, pipes etc.
There are other combined Sewage & storm waster systems.
The Sewage water from big building is collected in septic tanks & sent to the Sewage system.

Sewage Pollution

Sewage Pollution

We usually think of water pollution, when we think Sewage pollution . It is most visible form of pollution to the naked eye. It is most smelling to the naked nose. Sewage pollution consists of raw and or partially treated domestic waste. of kitchen.
Sewage water also contains both liquid and solid wastes from human beings beside the waste. of kitchen. It also contains everything of the household garbage that goes down the drain into the house sewer. The soap water, chemicals, sink and garbage drainage, and water from washing room machines will be found in this type of sewage pollution.
Detergent foam adds to sewage pollution, which is formed due to detergents used for washing cloths and dishes.
. Foam appears in the sewage treatment plant and gets scattered all over the area. It bubbles in the kitchen sinks and the shower bath. contained some detergent pollution.
Rivers,canals drains are .covered with foam for some time.. mountains of foam are noted at the sewage treatment plant .
Any agent that promoted cleaning—even soap—can be called a detergent. But the products used as detergents are chemical compounds—synthetic product sometimes called syndics (synthetic detergents) these are used in the home and in industry for cleaning purposes. The detergent mess was due to a chemical called ABS, once used in over 80 percent of the washing products. ABS is chemical shorthand for alkyl benzene sulfonate..

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DIABETES due to pollution

DIABETES due to pollution Scientists now feel that pollution may trigger diabetes. In a recent Publication Cambridge scientists Oliver Jones and Julian griffin mention possible link between pollutants and Diabetes. In the past research it has been shown that even thin persons can have Diabetes if they have high levels of persistent high level of organic pollutants {POPs }in their blood. These are toxic to humans and wildlife. POPs became prominent after introduction of DDT synthetic pesticide

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Smoke emissions from an industrial factory causing air pollution.

Smoke from a factory in Himachal Pradesh , one of the main causes of pollution. It
engulfs the whole factory itself 
and the area of location of factory,  Imagine.
It is not possible to breathe within many miles 
of factory location.  This pollution causes all type of the villagers in the area to suffer health problems. This
 air pollution causes  pollution asthma to all living in the area.

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What can we do without any trouble

Save Water

Do not throw any poisonous substances in the drains of our house to avoid Water contamination.
Repair the leaking taps, pipes, faucets and other sources of water.
Taking the bath can be replaced by taking a shower and the shower water can be used for gardening Do not. Do the laundry or dishes until the washer is full.

Save Air
Use the lead free gasoline.
Try to use the public transport or a car pool .
Plant trees , plants, bushes in the neighborhood.
Do not burn leaves and other garbage.

Save Ears
Use the car horn only in emergency.
Keep the volume of tv and radio low.
Check the car and motorbike not make the noise They should lead free gasoline  . 

The pollution affects every one equally. It is only we who can help us. We are creating it, we can stop it.

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Setback to pollution control

Setback to pollution control

Euro IV norms were effected two months back in the country. New specifications were registered at any Regional Transport Office (RTO) in the city. Not a single truck or bus has been rolled out. But first lot of heavy vehicles with new emission norms will only be supplied by July,
Although Euro IV compliant diesel is being sold across the capital ,reducing pollution levels, by improving air quality can not be thought of.
Commonwealth Games in October is causing worry about pollution levels to the Delhi government. Because heavy vehicles like trucks and buses are major contributors to air pollution in the city.
(From Times of India)

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Effects of pollution and Global Warming

Effects of pollution and Global Warming

Effects of pollution and Global Warming
Effects of pollution and Global Warming
Effects of pollution and Global Warming ON TREES
Effects of pollution and Global Warming ON TREES
Effects of pollution and Global Warming ON TREES IN JUNGLES
Effects of pollution and Global Warming ON TREES IN JUNGLES
Effects of pollution and Global Warming ON ENVIRONMENT
Effects of pollution and Global Warming ON ENVIRONMENT
Effects of pollution and Global Warming
Effects of pollution and Global Warming

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Role of Ozone in Increasing Pollution

Role of Ozone
Ozone is a gas. It is concentrated in layer 25-30 Km above the earth’s surface. Ozone acts as a shield, protecting the earth from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun..
It is thinning or complete loss of layer of Ozone .It is 10 to 50 km above the earth.
Ozone absorbs the electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet region. Thus ozone prevents these rays to reach earth. Ozone shield appear to be breaking down.This is matter of serious concern. A depletion of ozone above the Antarctic was observed by the British Antarctic Survey in 1977 and the first ‘hole’ discovered there in 1985 (a ‘hole’ is where ozone depletion is over 50 per cent). This hole, which appears each spring, develops when very low temperatures allow the ozone to be destroyed in a chemical reaction involving chlorine. The main sources of chlorine are:
The release of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), especially from aerosols, by humans into the atmosphere(a long-term effect)
From major volcanic eruptions (a short-term effect).
The first observed ‘hole’ over the Arctic followed the coldest-ever January of 1989.Since then depletion's have increased annually over northern Europe.
People are advised to use sunblocks and to limit exposure to direct sunlight. Here the Ozone {triatomic oxygen} is formed by the action of ultraviolet radiation on the oxygen
In the atmosphere. High level of ultra violet radiation can be harmful to animal and plant
Motor vehicle exhaust fumes create increasing amounts of ozone close to the earth’s surface. Ultraviolet radiation is responsible for sunburn and skin cancer, snow-blindness, cataracts and eye-damage, aging and wrinkling of skin, and reduced immunity to disease.
High asthma levels in children,have been linked to traffic pollution.
Fat people are more affected by Ozone in air
Exposure to the Ozone is known to cause a temporary drop in the lung function in many people. In a study body weight influenced Lung function after acute Ozone exposure. The study found that ozone response was greater in heavy persons.
What health, air pollution can damage, Asthma,Headaches,Rhinitis
nauseous, vomiting,eyes water, Eye Irritation Pharyngitis, ,Sore throat, Bronchitis , Dyspepsia, Breathlessness, Respiratory Problems, Conjunctivitis Abdominal Pain, Stomach ache,Epistemic,Depression

Oxygen Bars are supposed to improve health and well-being.
Oxygen bars started spreading in nineties in Japan, California & Britain. In trade fairs, health clubs and airports.. Now these are opening in France. These are being marketed as anti- stress, anti-fatigue, and anti-depression help. One of such bar has been opened in a beauty institute..The health inspectors are trying to determine the merits and demerits. Of sniffing O2. Some experts are of the opinion that the the effect is more psychological than technical.
The oxygen bars offer the sniffers up to 95 % of oxygen compared to 21% of atmospheric oxygen in the cities due to severe pollution.

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Air Pollution ;A Tractor trolley emitting smoke in a crowded market

Air Pollution -A Tractor trolley emitting smoke in a crowded market

Sulfur Dioxide -most dangerous gaseous pollutants

Sulfur Dioxide is one of the most dangerous gaseous pollutants for the mankind The lungs and mans respiratory system are affected by it . It causes strong irritation to the eyes and skin. It even destroys the enamel on teeth. Many effects of this gas on man are permanent and irreparable.
Burning of oil and coal are the main reason for the production of this gas. Different kinds of coal and oil have different amounts of sulfur That is reason more sulfur dioxide will produce from the burning. If coal with a high sulfur content is burned,more sulfur dioxide will be produced. and enter the atmosphere as sulfur dioxide gas.

Air Pollution due to burning of coal In a Restaurant

Effects of Air pollution on Humans

Effects of Air Pollution to

1. Humans .
2. Animals
3. Vegetation
4. Material
5. Atmospheric System
Effects of Air pollution on Humans
Most of people spend their time indoors, there is Air pollution in homes, offices, shopping malls & areas.
Air Pollution mainly damages the Respiratory system.
This damages can be studied through scientific ways.
  1. Clinical
  2. Epidemiological using the health records
  3. Theological using animals
The Effects of Air Pollution on Human & Animals depend on exposure time.
If the time of Exposure is small in the high concentration the effect will be mild.
But if the exposure is for extended period, in the low concentration, the effect can be bad.
Effects of Air Pollution on vegetation is of many kinds. Sulfur dioxide can damage crops & trees. Hydrogen fluoride & nitrogen dioxide can damage ornamental plants & fruit trees. Ozone & ethylene cause damage to vegetation.
Effect of Air pollution to the Materials it damage ferrous Metals Nonferrous Metals like Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Nickel &
Building Materials -Paint, leather, Paper, Textile, Dyes, Rubber,

Effect of Air Pollution to the Atmosphere.
It changes the dynamics of atmosphere through the long & short wave radiation Processes
Carbon dioxide increases the temperature of surface due to which the temperature of the atmosphere will increase ,cause serious environment effects.

Air Pollution due to burning fuels in industry

The toxic gas released into the air due to accident can be disastrous. Be the first to comment - What do you think?